In today life there is wide of fork lifts variety of forklifts from the large heavy loadings trucks to the one that works among narrow aisles forklifts have becomes one of basics transportation tools we use in our lives with all the forklifts in existence we find that there are some improvement that can be to bring forklifts to the better performance. Segway is a self-balancing transportation device with two wheel can operate in any level pedestrian environment. Existing forklifts design has its limitation in rotation and structures has potential safety risk our new design as 90 degrees rotating forks attached to truck body on both ends.
Block diagram

• Wheel Hub
• Wheel Axle – Buy Axle
• Handle Rods
• DC Motor – Buy DC Motors
• Chain & Sprockets
• Lifter Motor
• Bearing – Buy Bearings
• Supporting Rods & Bearings
• Pulley – Buy Pulleys
• Belt – Buy Belts
• Tires
• Shaft – Buy Shafts
• Wires
• Mounts, Fixtures & Screws
• Supporting Frame
3d model

Factories, industries and storage go downs need forklifts and cranes for storage and moving large goods AND Also there are a number of goods weighing around 40 – 60 kgs that are comparatively lighter but cannot be moved around easily by human labor. so To fill this need we here propose a 2 wheel drive forklift to lift and transport such medium weight goods across factories & industrial warehouses. The 2 wheel drive is a fast, efficient and low power consumption vehicle that does not require much space to move around. The mini forklift will run on 2 dc motors and can drive small weight with pickup arrangement across small distances easily. because For this we use a mini 2 wheel vehicle body frame designed with a platform with 2 motorized wheel mounts. It has a perpendicular handle ahead to hold on as well as take turns. Also we design a forklift type mechanism on the front handle of vehicle using 2 bent metal strips and lifting mechanism. The lift mechanism comprises of large rotating chain mechanism. This mechanism is connected to a high power motor. We now mount the control circuitry on the vehicle with wireless controllers that allow the vehicle to be controlled by person on it as well as by operating it remotely from 5-6 meters range. Thus we provide a remote controlled forklift for small goods transportation in industrial sector. The demonstration version can lift 10 – 20 kgs to demonstrate the concept.

• Easily Attachable & Detachable
• Industrial Goods Transport
• Warehouse Internal Transport