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Page updated on June 24, 2019

Page updated on June 24, 2019

Sr. No. Name of the Project

1. Design and Fabrication of Paper bag/Pouch making machine (innovation)***
2. Use of Solar Panel As wind turbine blades Energy Hybridization New Concept (innovation)*** .
3. Engineless Solar operated Soil digging machine (innovation)***
4. Prototype of Hover bike model (New)***
5. Agro drone (Quadcopter) with 500ml tank (New)***
6. Water Floating Solar Power Plant for Dams and Rivers(WIRED|WIRELESS) (New)***
7. Design and model of Hovercraft using Waste Materials (New)***
8. Future Tree wind and solar energy harvester for College campus (innovation)***
9. Dynamo less electricity generation using Automobile Tyres(innovation)***
10. Electric scooter/bike solar & Frictionless self-charging (PHEV) (New)***
(low cost innovative model for 2020 electric Automobile market)
11. Conversion of scrap moped bike to electric bike (New)***
12. Electric Mini Car solar & Frictionless self-charging (PHEV) (New)***
13. Self-Inflating Tyre System on Prototype of four/Three wheeler model
14. Digital Fuel Metering Device (New)***
15. Propeller Shaft Electricity generation of Vehicles (New)***
(Self-Charging for Electric/CNG hybrid bus, trucks, passenger cars)
16. Torque Tube electricity generation for propeller shaft of Vehicles (innovation)***
17. Free energy using flywheel for electric cars (innovation)***
18. Design and Modification Of Solar Tree (innovation)***
~Eco friendly Tree for college campus
~ Next step Towards the Green energy
19. Advanced magnetic sweeper robot wireless Arduino & solar based (innovation)***
20. Clean India Eco friendly Road/Street cleaner machine
(fuel less manual /battery operated/remote operated) (innovation)***
21. Two Wheel Drive Forklift For Industry Warehouses (innovation)***
22. Corn de seeding machine using Tyre (New)***
23. Design and fabrication of Macnum wheel with forklift (all side turns in low space)
24. Automatic T shirts Folding machine (Pneumatic based innovation)
25. Solar Panel cleaning & maintenance Robot (Arduino/Manual)
26. Maglev wind turbine (AC 230 volt output) (innovation)***
-Unique Turbine Design with all side Air Catchment
27. Pneumatic air engine vehicle (New)***
28. CNC Automatic pneumatic punching machine (Arduino/Manual) (innovation)***
29. Design and fabrication 360 side air cooler ( Hot air as well cool air)
30. Energy Generation By T-Box (For train Tracks) (innovation)***

31. Magnetic Contactless Transmission Of Cars (innovation)***
32. Pneumatic paper plate making machine
33. Sanitary Napkin Incinerator (New)***
34. Electricity Generation by Human and Bull Driven Mechanism (innovation)***
35. 3-Axis CNC DRILLING MACHINE (New)***

36. Speed Breaker On Time (A speed breaker which will move up & down according to the speed of vehicle)
37. Design and fabrication of magnetic Engine (innovation)***
38. Solenoid operated mini engine vehicle
39. Oil and water separator machine (solar operated | Manual)
40. Car Ignition key operated hand brake system
41. Tv Remote operated floor cleaning Robot
42. Low electricity Water pump based Air conditioning (innovation)***
43. Design and Fabrication of Green Mango Cutting Machine (New)***
44. Double Door refrigeration system with cooling and hot compartment (innovation)***
45. LPG operated refrigeration system
46. Diesel generation using Waste plastic
47. Multi power generation (solar+ wind+ pedal+ hydro) (innovation)***
48. 3D Chair Automatic synchronization with the movements of Video
49. Automatic detection of Cam jump phenomena Test rig (Arduino based)
50. Pneumatic Air car
51. Bladeless Invelox Turbine 230 volt output(Good for Rural area) (innovation)***
52. Prototype of Pneumatic Linear motion air engine
53. Design and Fabrication of chair less chair to Increase Workers efficiency (innovation)***
54. Smart bike rider Helmet with LED Indicators (innovation)
55. Spring Testing Test Rig
56. Design and fabrication Automobile waste oil water heater
57. Design and fabrication Automobile waste oil electricity generation using Peltier module. (innovation)***
58. Design & fabrication of NEW improvements in Vertical axis wind turbine
(No common dynamo usage, electricity generation with New explored Design )
59. 360 Degree Flexible bench Drilling Machine(innovation)***
60. Multi power generation (solar+ wind+ pedal+ hydro) (innovation)***

61. Natural water cooling using copper tube.
62. Fabrication of miniature steam boiler Energy generation
63. BSVI Design and Development of Aqua silencer
64. Solar Rays Operated Steam engine (innovation)***
65. Design and fabrication Button operated gear changing system (on dummy bike frame)
66. Parabolic foldable vacuum tube solar cooker(innovation)
67. Design and development pedal powered flour mill
68. Gearless Power Transmission In Angular Positions Using Rods(innovation)
69. Multipurpose manual seed sowing & sprayer
70. Fabrication of Automated Ground nut shell removing machine
71. Fabrication of Hand operated groundnut Decorticator
72. Solar operated insect killer for agricultural purpose
73. Manually Operated fertilizer spreader
74. Pedal Operated Water Pumping System
75. Train wind mill power generation
76. Agricultural Motor Pump Running Using Solar Power
77. Automatic flow direction changing valve
78. Crankshaft Operated Multi Hacksaw Machine Mechanical Project
79. Design & development pedal power washing machine
80. Helical blade wind turbine.
81. Power generation using Pelton turbine
82. See-saw water pumping
83. Design and fabrication of vertical/horizontal Plastic molding machine
84. Solar operated weeder
85. Design and development of Cam operated hammer (industrial model Design)
86. Design & development model of solar train
87. Fabrication of Solar grass cutter

88. Design &development of Agarbatti making machine
89. Reduction of human effort using pneumatic suit
90. Future Smart car parking system
91. Tricycle for physically disabled person (convert reciprocating motion of handle into rotary)
92. Design and Development of the waste bottle collector from drain
93. Design & development of Four way hacksaw cutting machine.
94. THE MOTOVAULT (innovation)*** -Unique design of the bike parking stand

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